De Hoek Country Hotel - Corporate Venues in Gauteng

De Hoek Country Hotel

Corporate Venues

De Hoek Country Hotel makes corporate venues and events in Gauteng an efficient and relaxing affair. We provide quality venues and dining options for top executive conferences and meetings. De Hoek Country Hotel's corporate venue list includes four elegant conference and function rooms. These are situated in the grounds of our handsome Stonebridge House.

Our elegant Foundation Room is suitable for more formal events. Here we can accommodate up to 55 delegates with various seating arrangements. There are two smaller conference rooms that lead out to the enclosed veranda. Our lovely Bridge Bistro restaurant has high ceilings and beautiful artwork. The glass doors and windows leading into the gardens makes it ideal for scenic dining.

DeHoek has 4 conferencing  Venues: The Foundation Room, The Pavilion, Capstone and Cornerstone.



The Garden Pavilion is also a place of beauty, with its fireplace and large brass chandeliers. It can accommodate up to 30 delegates.

We offer conference packages that come with superlative cuisine, good wine, and excellent accommodation. All these plus exceptional service within an elegant and exclusive environment.

We can also help arrange team building activities. These include hot air ballooning, competitive cooking, and Vegas gambling nights. You can also opt for murder mystery dinners, drumming, and guest speakers to happen at De Hoek Country Hotel's corporate venues in Gauteng.

Team Building