De Hoek Country Gardens at Spring Time

The blooming season of spring is an especially exciting time at De Hoek Country Hotel, and finally its cycle has begun. While the gardens are maintained with manicured lawns, evergreen shrubs and trees through the winter time, the anticipation on the colours that will shade the grounds is always expected as the dry cold moistens.

Hidden in the veldt of Magaliesburg is a secret garden opulent in greenery and flora, where our guests may delight in the sweet pleasure of doing nothing. De Hoek offers its guests the ability to indulge in the gifts that nature provides, through fragrant flowers, the caucus of monkeys and sweet serenades of the many birds – whose home is in the lush gardens of the property. The activity rises with the advance of pollen, exciting buzzing bees and fluttering butterflies to begin their season’s work, as are the enthusiastic staff at De Hoek – ready to share and host in the paradise that has been landscaped out of the bush.

Equally facilitating an environment of pleasure is the surrounding tranquillity synonymous with that which nature provides. The weather warming up provides our conferencing guests the opportunity to enjoy team building activities in a fresh milieu for inspiring concepts and ideas to ensue post troupe hike. Whilst on strategic breakaways, our conferencing guests can enjoy the beautiful sculptures that adorn our special gardens. Indulge in the Spa treatments after your conferencing day at our Spa @Rest.

The De Hoek team looks forward to welcoming you into our blossoming playground, where utopia is illustrated in reality. Our spring weddings and picnics can look forward to flowery extra-special days.